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Scubapro Digital 330 Depth Gauge
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Scubapro Digital 330 Depth Gauge

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A very practical instrument that incorporates state-of-the-art microchip technology, and several basic dive instruments into a compact information center. Depth rated to 1082 feet (330 meters).

  • Includes precision digital depth gauge, dive time, and thermometer: displays actual and maximum depth (up to 1082ft), dive time   and temperature (water and air).
  • Automatic turn-on and off: it is automatically ready to dive after a self-test
  • Surface interval displayed for 24 hours
  • Logbook for the last nine dives
  • Automatic altitude compensation
    Variable ascent rates in % and fast ascent warning; variable ascent rate warning (20-66ft/minute) for safer diving.
  • Long battery life for over one thousand 1-hour dives.
  • Temperature (water and air)
  • Will also fit in Scubapro 3 in line and 2/1 console.
Scubapro Digital 330 Depth Gauge
Paul Joosten4 Stars

must come back on my last review. my dealer looked at the depth gauge. seemed that i didn't look good. my dive was 1 hour and 6 minutes ( not 55 minutes as i thought underwater.) the " 1" stands under the " 6 " in this way. i did not notice that the " 1 " was a digit. furthermore we looked at the manual. for logbook, you have to use " b" and " c " instead of " a " and " c " . it's wrong in every language. still, it's performance is good.

4 Stars

Scubapro Digital 330 Depth Gauge
Chris Smith5 Stars

vital for tec divers, will last for years, simple, clear to read and understand. fits on the arm perfectly and compliments a dive computer very well.

5 Stars

Scubapro Digital 330 Depth Gauge
Paul Joosten3 Stars

alas, on the first dive i made with it: 20,1 meters deep ,55 minutes in water from 4 degrees c, in the history this could not be found. it recorded: 20,1 m , 6 minutes, 4 c. so i have to send it back. i did like the performance under water, although the illumination wasn't as i hoped for. in the ownersmanual, you can read, that when you light the screen with your tourch, you can see the illumination for a minute or so. that did not work so greatly. on the positive side, the figures on the sreen are clear.

3 Stars

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