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Cressi Leonardo Computer
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 Cressi Leonardo Computer
 Cressi Leonardo Computer
 Cressi Leonardo Computer
 Cressi Leonardo Computer
 Cressi Leonardo Computer
 Cressi Leonardo Computer
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Cressi Leonardo Computer

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Leonardo is the first dive computer designed and built entirely by Cressi

The new CRESSI RGBM algorithm, developed by Bruce Wienke, has been adapted by Cressi for safe decompression computations in multi-day repetitive dives.

Tissues: 9 with saturation hemi-phases between 2.5 and 480 minutes;

”Dive” program: Full processing of dive data, even with decompression (if any), for any air or hyper-oxygenated mixture (Nitrox) dive.

Full setting of FO2 (percentage of the oxygen) and PO2 (partial oxygen pressure) parameters: PO2 may be set between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar, FO2 between 21% and 50%.

A Nitrox dive may be carried out after an air dive (even with desaturation in progress).

Possibility of Deco (decompressive computations) or Gage program setting (depth gauge and timer).

Deep Stop can be enabled or disabled.

Large display with ”PCD System” for perfect understanding and readability of values.

Replaceable display protective cover.

Battery replacement can be carried out by the user.

Planning: Scrolling of the safety curve.

Unit of measure change from the metric system (meters and °C) to the feet system (ft- °F) by the user.

Sound and visual alarm systems.

CNS oxygen toxicity graphic indicator.

Backlit display.

Built-in calendar and clock.

Logbook (70 hours or 60 dives) including dive profile.

Dive history.

The instrument may be fully reset, in case of renting.

PC/Mac interface with simulator and dive profile (optional).



  • Algorithm: CRESSI RGBM algorithm.
  • Sample tissues: 9 with saturation hemi-phases between 2.5 and 480 minutes
  • Dimensions and weight: Diameter: 67 mm - Height: 27 mm - Weight: 135 g
  • Depth sensor:
  • Sea water setting (fresh water depths are about  3% lower)
  • Measuring field: 0-393 ft., measured every second.
  • GAGE function measuring field: 0-393 ft.
  • Precision: +/- 1% (T 20°C – 68 F).
  • Reading resolution: 10 cm (0 to 100 m) / 1 m (100 to 120 m) / 1 ft (0 to 316 ft)
  • Dive time: 0 to 255 minutes
  • Data acquisition frequency: 20 sec.
  • Resolution: 1 °F
  • Measuring field: 23 °F  + 104 °F
  • Precision: +/- 35.6 °F/10min change °T
  • WATCH:
  • Precision: +/- 50 seconds month average
  • 24 hours display
  • CR 2430 - 3V battery. 2 years average life (by 50 yearly dives).
    Leonardo by Cressi may be interfaced with a PC with the following specifications:
    OS: Windows/Mac
    CPU: Pentium II 266 Mhz or higher.
    RAM of at least  64 MB or higher (recommended).
    Video resolution: 800x600 or higher (recommended).
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Cressi Leonardo Computer
Nichola Cooke4 Stars

a great and basic dive computer. simple to use once you get used to the one button function. not too complicated and does everything it needs to do for most diving. highly recommended.

4 Stars

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Cressi-sub is the oldest underwater diving company presently existing: officially, it dates back to 1946, when brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi founded it, but already 3 years before that, in 1943, they had begun small-scale manual production. So, the history of underwater diving itself is identified with the history of Cressi-sub and many, many Cressi products have marked the evolution of this sport over the past sixty years, with a series of inventions and insights that were then followed by all the manufacturers. Egidio and Nanni Cressi, two brothers with a passion for the sea, founded Cressi-Sub in 1946. Their enthusiasm contributed to the evolution and transformation of the world of diving into that fantastic sport that we know and practice today. At first the structure was small and the products were all but handcrafted, entrusted to the hands and skill of the two brothers. One after another, all the products that have gone through constant improvements and evolvements to become part of modern history were created there. Egidio Cressi personally tried out and tested all the equipment and he then made sure that the changes suggested by the "field" tests were carried out. The sea trials, the value of experience, are still now unqualified principles of the company, applied to the simplest piece of equipment as well as the most complex ones. Any new product, even though it is now computer designed and manufactured using machinery of futuristic technology, must pass the tests of long use in the sea before it receives the go-ahead for production. This is the philosophy of Antonio Cressi, who has been part of the company since he was a boy and who continues the tradition and passion of his father and uncle. With the same love for each product that is created and with the same capacity for self-criticism in the strict tests that he personally carries out in the sea. Today, Cressi-sub is a company with 16,000 square metres of undercover space, state-of-the-art moulding machinery and robotised production systems. It has highly specialised technical offices, where all the new products are computer designed, with constant research into new materials and the proverbial strictness in the extremely severe tests and inspections. It has branches in America, Spain and France and is distributed in a hundred or so countries all over the world, but it is a fully Italian-owned company - the only one of its size, at the moment. Naturally, this is a typically Cressi tradition.