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Ocean Reef G Diver Full Face Mask
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 Ocean Reef G Diver Full Face Mask
 Ocean Reef G Diver Full Face Mask
 Ocean Reef G Diver Full Face Mask
 Ocean Reef G Diver Full Face Mask
 Ocean Reef G Diver Full Face Mask
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Ocean Reef G Diver Full Face Mask

Ocean Reef

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G.diver is a new high performance and stylish OCEAN REEF full-face mask system. It has been designed for recreational diving, underwater teaching, guiding and to improve safety and diver interaction during a dive.


The Neptune Space G.diver full-face mask forms the basis of this system and is available in two sizes and four colour options. The mask includes an integrated balanced 2nd stage regulator and low pressure hose. The patented bellows style face skirt (moulded from premium grade silicon rubber) uses a “spring profile” and large sealing surface (double the size of conventional masks: 30-45mm) to achieve a very comfortable fit and ample support. This “spring” effect is a combination of the double “S” section and the inner support ribs which allows the G.diver FFM to “float” comfortably on the face. The head strap is directly attached to the face shield, allowing pressure to be distributed equally along the mask skirt. The six straps of the head harness hold the mask in a firm position due to their low elasticity. The tip of each strap is wider, making them easier to grasp while wearing neoprene gloves. The FRB II (fast rotating buckle) allows the mask to be donned and doffed quickly. These unique face seal and strap concepts are OCEAN REEF patents.

The high performance, G.diver Full Face Mask includes the following new features;

  • Newly designed G.diver exhaust system.
  • New G.diver SAV/octopus port. Makes installation of either a Surface Air Valve accessory or octopus adapter very easy.
  • Colours Available: Emerald, Blue, White and Pink.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Very affordable for recreational divers.


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About Ocean ReefExpand
For nearly 50 years, Ocean REEF has been involved in the underwater diving industry. We have contributed much to this industry, from fins and snorkels to the most modern systems of underwater communication. Through the spirit of intrepid pioneers, brilliant inventors, passionate divers, and dynamic entrepreneurs, Ocean REEF has been able to turn dreams into reality in the underwater world.
The story of Ocean REEF begins with a simple passion for diving and innovative ideas. Mr. Gamberini owned a small tire repair shop for bicycles and cars, but in 1950, began to manufacture diving equipment. He also started to design and create molds to make diving mask straps, fins, and other diving products. Through dedication, persistence and hard work Gamberini’s small shop achieved success and grew. In 1974, the company contributed about 64% of the rubber diving products (fins, snorkels, masks, etc.) used in the international diving industry! At that time, the company was manufacturing about 2.3 million pairs of fins per year!
Mr. GamberiniIn 1978, a huge fire completely destroyed the company factory. However, that incident did not discourage the company. In 1978, one of Mr. Gamberini's sons, Guido Gamberini, became the head of the company and began managing company affairs. In 1980, he began to diversify the products made by the company (diving equipment, watch rubber/silicone components, safety equipment, medical devices, etc.). In 1993, the company changed its name to Ocean REEF and the Ocean REEF USA office was founded. Currently the company has 4 divisions which produce the following diverse products: diving equipment, safety equipment, military products, and watch products. Even though the product focus has been diversified in Ocean REEF, the core passion of the company has not changed. The underwater diving world is still the heart of Ocean REEF and always will be.
Ocean REEF full face mask series, the Neptune Series, offers great visual fields, superior comfort, highly developed technology, exceptional safety, reliability, and durability.
We also provide high performance communication systems, regulators, and other fine diving instruments and accessories. Ocean REEF , Inc. continues to meet the challenges of this millennium. We have facilities on two continents with three manufacturing plants. We have established comprehensive production, from cutting edge computer design and the finest technology engineering, to the actual realization of equipment including production and distribution.