Four Must-Have Items For Scuba Girls

Four Must-Have Items For Scuba Girls

Let’s start with a Mask, it’s the first thing everyone always looks at and it must really reflect your personality…

1. Merge 3 Mask:

This is THE mask to have for the ladies.

Is made for small faces, it’s much lighter, nice and low in volume and more streamlined…Needless it’s a good looking mask for those scuba-chicks that want to be taken seriously and thus don’t want go for that pink mask.

This mask is modernized and updated with the latest swivel quick-disconnect buckles and easy adjust straps for when we dive with dry gloves or when all our hair is tangled everywhere.

Trust me ladies… this is your mask. Black is the new pink...

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2. xDeep NX Small Back Plate:


Have you ever tried your boyfriend’s or buddy’s poorly fitting backplate? Did you feel like your buoyancy control and trim were just non-existent?

That’s exactly what happened to me, and that’s why I bought the incredible, the magnificent, the incomparable xDeep NX Series small back plate.

The balance of this back plate is just perfect, the upper part of the back plate has achieved better weight distribution during the dive and removes load from the lumbar region. The lower part of the back plate spreads the load comfortably, safely allowing for optimal attachment of weight pockets and accessories.

The new xDEEP NX Series back plate is comfortable, stable and looks after your back. Inspired by a love of diving and engineered for maximum performance.

Now we can talk about trim and good looking diving chicks.

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3. Kwark Navy Undersuit:

s not a mystery that Drysuits are not that flattering on us ladies BUT at least we can still have a good looking under suit that is confortable, warm, flexible, light, soft and doesn’t smell like something died after the dive. Yes we are talking about the KWARK navy under suit.

Two ways zipper, three pockets, doesn’t cause irritation on the skin, dry in a few hours what else can you ask for?

Would you like more information? click here DiveLife Kwark Navy Undersuit


4. Otter Dry Suits

Two words, CUSTOM MADE

Yes not everyone has the same body, that’s why Otter suits are the choice for me, these suits are incredible. The lovely John Womack is gonna measure you up (be aware, he’s gonna ask for you weight and you can’t lie, trust me I tried) and the suit it will fit perfectly. This means that once you are in the water with your Otter suit there nothing you can’t do; forward roll, cartwheel, back tuck…

Otter has been making suits since 1987 if someone knows about comfortable suits for ladies it’s the Womack family.

Would you like more information? click here DiveLife Otter Drysuit

That concludes my 4 items short list that make diving for girls in the colder waters a little more comfortable. ;) 

Speak soon,


Rocio is a 26 year old Diving instructor from Spain with experience in the Spanish, Maltese and British waters. She's qualified with PADI and with RAID as an instructor and her favorite dive is the Karwella in Malta, she has a gift for finding sea horses and other little critters. Rocio enjoys teaching those who are keen to learn and go the extra mile, as well as the younger scuba divers.