St Abbs again

St Abbs again

1 Oct 2017

Welcome to this month’s Divelife blog. This will mainly concern itself with St Abbs and the upcoming St Abbs trip.
Next week the DL team are returning to one of their favorite diving spots, St. Abbs, having just visited there at the beginning of September. So, what’s so good about St Abbs

Simple; it represents everything that is great about British diving. 
The village is a pretty fishing village based around the lifeboat station that dominates the harbour and is a focal point for the community. This was so true that when the RNLI withdrew funding and closed the station, the village fought back. They rallied round and raised money to fund their own independent lifeboat, with tremendous support from varying parties, including the diving community. 

The diving is central to the village with three boats sailing directly out of the harbour, many clubs launching their rhibs and several conducting shore dives from the rocky bays along the coast. There are also several dive boats sailing out of nearby Eyemouth.

The diving is stunning and names become familiar over trips, Black Carrs, Hurkers, Cathedral Rock and The Skerries to name but a few. There are also several wrecks (The Glanmire) and seals to be found. There is also technical diving for those of a deeper mindset. 

The marine life is magnificent and the rocks are covered in Plumose anemones, dead man’s fingers and carpets of Brittle Stars. Tucked away under rocks and in cracks there are lobsters, Lump Suckers, Ling, crabs and octopus. The fact that the area is a Marine Conservation Zone adds to the richness of its marine life and the rocky ravines hide the elusive signature critter, the Wolf fish. Many dives are competed with a school of dolphins and Pilot whales passing by the boat. All this is a five-minute boat ride from the harbour.

Every good dive trip requires somewhere to talk about the dive. At the top of the hill there is the small village of Coldingham with several pubs and a fish and chip shop. Eyemouth is 10 minutes by car, and has plenty to offer in terms of restaurants, pubs and take-aways.

All in all, I can’t wait to stick my head back under the North Sea this weekend. Hopefully the Wolfies will come out to play.