The Roatan Aggressor Sets Sail June 2017

The Roatan Aggressor Sets Sail June 2017

26 Apr 2017

Guests aboard the ROATAN AGGRESSOR™ will experience the best diving in the Bay Islands of Honduras which is both easy and exciting. The Bay Islands are world-renowned for their sheer walls, mystical wrecks, massive barrel sponges and captivating macro critters. These waters are also home to larger marine species, such as Whale Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks and Bottlenose Dolphin. The region has fantastic critter diving with subjects like Electric Rays, Longsnout Seahorses, ferocious looking Spoon-nose Eels, Rough Box Crabs, Yellowheaded Jawfish, Sailfin Blennies and even Southern Stargazers.

Roatan is ideally situated along The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System (the second longest barrier reef in the world) that extends north of the Yucatan Peninsula and down to the Caribbean coast of Honduras. This extensive reef attracts a wide variety of marine animals and feeds the Bay Islands with healthy and diverse populations of fish and other marine creatures.

Roatan used to be the base of operations for more than 5,000 pirates. Now, passionate, “in the know” scuba divers are the new swashbuckling buccaneers seeking marine treasures at sites such as the Aguila Wreck, Mary’s Place and Coco’s Sea Mounts.

The Roatan Aggressor will cruise Saturday-to-Saturday diving the best sites of Roatan and Utila.


Saturday - Boarding: 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Sunday - Thursday: Eat, Sleep & Dive (up to 5 dives are offered each day)

- Sun: Roatan (West End of Roatan)

- Mon: Roatan (West End or South side Roatan)

- Tues: Seamounts & Cayos Cochinos

- Wed: Utila

- Thurs: Utila/Roatan

Friday: Roatan (West End or South side Roatan) for two dives, lunch then return to dock, sunset cocktail party/dinner ashore Saturday: 8 am Check Out


Passengers: 18
Crew: 6
Length: 120 feet
Beam: 21 feet
Cabins: 9