XS Scuba Tank Holder


XS Scuba



The XS Scuba Cylinder Holder is an elasticated storage option for your cylinder.  Hold your cylinder in position upright against a wall or stop them from rolling around on the floor or the boot of your truck by locking them in with this.

Screwed into a wall, floor or just a strong piece of wood once strapped in your cylinder will be held in place and won't fall over or roll around.

This product has been upgraded to the Deluxe version TR120 (not TR100) an will open both ends.

  • Designed to secure 7.25” diameter scuba tanks (6.9” to 8.0” range) 
  • Interlocking design to link multiple holders together 
  • Silicone tubing is adjustable in length and user-replaceable 
  • Includes six stainless steel mounting screws
  • Can be installed “stand-alone” or with optional Tank Rail (p/n TR200)

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