XS Scuba Tank Holder

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XS Scuba



The XS Scuba Cylinder Holder is an elasticated storage option for your cylinder.  Hold your cylinder in position upright against a wall or stop them from rolling around on the floor or the boot of your truck by locking them in with this.

Screwed into a wall, floor or just a strong piece of wood once strapped in your cylinder will be held in place and won't fall over or roll around.


  • Designed to secure 7.25” diameter scuba tanks (6.9” to 8.0” range) 
  • Interlocking design to link multiple holders together 
  • Silicone tubing is adjustable in length and user-replaceable 
  • Includes six stainless steel mounting screws
  • Can be installed “stand-alone” or with optional Tank Rail (p/n TR200)

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