xDeep EX1 Fins





The xDeep Fins are a tough vented fin with spring heel straps and an industry trusted design.

Single Piece Rubber Construction has no joins or hinges for a super rugged fin that can put up with a huge amount of abuse over an entire lifetime.

Vented Design decreases drag on the up stroke and increases thrust on the down stroke by channeling water to flow the vents between the foot pocket and paddle.



This compound will best suit technical and cave divers with a strong kick and a requirement for fine and accurate control. It demands mastery of finning techniques in order to be fully exploited, but rewards that mastery with great feel and feedback to the diver.


This fin’s compound delivers a great balance between agility and power. The increased flexibility suits longer distance swims, but offers high levels of control over movement when needed. A great choice for the more gently kicking technical and cave divers.


Aimed at maximising the return and efficiency from the flutter kick, this is a great fin for the recreational diver who wants the ability to develop their finning techniques, while experiencing the power and efficiency that this softer compound offers.

    Foot pocket designed with care

    While designing the foot part of the Ex1 fin, we have analyzed most popular boots used with drysuits and wetsuits. It provides better control of the fin.

    Two-phase moulding for better comfort

    Front part of the foot pocket is made of softer material, which is especially important in the medium and stiff version of the fins. The softer material fits better on the upper part of the foot and provides more comfort during extensive swimming.

    The same stiffness, no matter of temperature

    Instead of using old good rubber which become stiff in cold water, we used special technopolymer which doesnt change parameters in wide range of temperatures. Your fin would be exactly the same in hot tropical water and cold winter quarry.


    • Blade Type: Vented
    • Fin Length (mm): 495
    • Fin Weight (Pair kg): 2.56
    • Foot Type: Open Heel
    • Quick Release Buckle: No
    • Strap Type: Spring Strap

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