Halcyon HP LED Scout Backup Light






The Halcyon HP LED Scout is made from a single piece of Delrin and is capable of a four-hour burn time from 3 'C' batteries at an output of 375lux at 5m

The Halcyon Scout HP LED is the brightest backup light Halcyon have produced with an output of 375lux/190lumen at 5m/15ft. The Halcyon Scout HP LED is based on the original Halcyon Scout, machined from a solid piece of Delrin for amazing robustness. The pattern of the body allows for easy gripping with all types of gloves and bare hands. There are no switches or levers to fail or break off, the light is turned on and off by simply twisting the Lexan bezel down onto the body of the torch. Using 3 'C' cell batteries the HP LED Scout burns for 4 hours, more than enough for even some of the longest cave exits. 

Halcyon Scout HP LED Features:

  • Brightest scout to date
  • Single piece Delrin body
  • 4-hour burn time from 3 'C' cell batteries
  • 375lux / 190lumen output at 5m / 15ft

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