DIRZone Stainless Steel Backplate 3mm & ONE PIECE HARNESS

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BP complete 3mm DIRZONE Backplate complete 3mm Stainless-steel backplate, thickness 3 mm with PA harness, stainless-steel D-rings and stoppers, stainless-steel buckle, crotch strap, buoy pocket and pocket with knife.

  • materials: stainless-steel plate 3 mm AISI 316, PA harness, PP harness.
  • sea version: with storage back pocket for a buoy

Harness comprises:

  • One piece continuous 50mm webbing
  • 2 Chest D-rings, 1 D-ring on left hip
  • Crotch Strap including 2 D-rings
  • 5 SS slide retainers
  • Stainless steel Harness Buckle
  • DIR Zone Knife