Halcyon Explorer Knife




Halcyon makes two knives, both made of titanium, which is lightweight and corrosion resistant.

The Explorer model, is more minimalist. It consists of a single piece of 5.75-inch titanium, which makes up both blade and handle. This makes its profile beyond slim, and reduces the weight to only 2.2 oz, with the sheath. The Explorer’s blade is 2.5 inches long, making this one of the smaller knives on the market.

  • Lightweight, durable Titanium knife in a low profile package
  • Solid titanium knife measures 5.75-in. (14.6-cm.) long with a 2.5-in. (6.4-cm.) blade
  • Easy-grip handle, a serrated and straight edge blade, with line cutter
  • Angled sheath minimizes contact point with the suit
  • One-handed design for easy sheath removal/replacement

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