McNett Sea Buff Mask Cleaner






McNett SeaBuff is a semi-abrasive mask / slate cleaning paste that prepares your mask before you dive to stop it from fogging up. Many masks have a residue on the surface of the lenses that leads to fogging even with defog gels and sprays.

Brand New Mask

Brand new masks often have a residue on the lenses from the manufacturing process that needs to be removed before you go diving with it. SeaBuff's quick clean formula removes this residue to make your de-fog gel more effective.


Cleaning Slates

Writing on your slate can be hard to remove, SeaBuff has a coarse texture that scrubs your slate clean for your next dive.


For use on tempered glass lenses only, test small area before using on plastic or coated lenses.

Please Note that SeaBuff is mildy abrasive to remove residue but can damage some coated lenses.

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