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Charley Williams

Charley Williams is a 21 year old British PADI Scuba Diving Instructor who moved to Thailand at 18 to begin her career in the diving industry. 

As self proclaimed scuba model and a social media influencer, Charley uses her platform to inspire people to try diving, give advice about the industry and spread awareness about worldwide marine environmental issues. 

Charley is currently studying online towards a Diploma in Marine Biology, and hopes to soon follow her interests into underwater photography and dive equipment design.

She's often seen looking good in one of her Waterproof or Mares wetsuits, and we're sure it won't be long until she'll be in one of their catalogs.

You can follow Charley on her instagram page: Journey of a Scuba Diver

In her own words:

“I was inspired at a very young age through watching documentaries about the oceans and it’s inhabitants. I instantly became overwhelmed with awe and passion (thanks, David Attenborough) and decided to follow this into diving with the aim of studying marine biology and becoming and underwater videographer.

I completed my PADI Open Water Course in the UK at the age of 14, and soon progressed to a rescue diver at 16 years old. At 18 i moved to Thailand to further my training and to pursue my dream career in the diving industry.

Over the last three years in the industry I have witnessed marine environmental issues first hand and I have developed an ever growing passion for conservation. I use my position as an instructor to educate myself further and spread awareness to my students and divers, and I aim to spread awareness to a larger audience through my social media platform and other creative and educational content in addition to publicity events. I am a proud ambassador for Shark Guardian and I am currently studying towards a Diploma in Marine Biology.

In addition, I have an unexplainable love and passion for dive equipment. ;)”



Jessica Burnell

Jessica’s interest in the underwater world started at a very young age, choosing Marine Life and Scuba Diving as the subject of her very first school project, being spellbound by marine documentaries and spending more time ducking under the water at the local pool than on the surface, this interest quickly developed into a lifelong passion. 

Jessica became hooked on freediving after being taught by her Dad off the south coast of the UK in her early teens. She then learnt to Scuba dive at the age of 17 and since then has traveled and dived extensively across the globe.

You can follow Jessica's adventures on Instagram and enjoy the abundance of nature shots above and below the surface: Jessica_B

Before leaving the UK Jess worked for Fourth Element, many of you might remember her from dive shows or store visits, as the lure of adventure became too great she decided to start traveling.

She currently works as a divemaster onboard luxury superyachts. Jessica is fascinated by sharks, it is her personal aim to have a positive impact on the marine environment by supporting conservation efforts and helping to dispel the common misconceptions surrounding sharks, one conversation at a time.

Jess dives the xDeepZeos 28, on a Ali back plate, we made her a custom harness with a single break away clip to help her get in and out of the setup quickly supporting her role as a DM and arvid traveler.