RAID’s foundation for technical diving, no previous experience required, you can start here, but prepare to be challenged. This program has a very clear outline for your skill development, and a thorough confined water skill development portion that needs to perfect before moving on to the open water section of the program.


This is a no fluff course that promotes team diving and group discussion. This program allows you to do accelerated decompression dives using a single ‘deco’ mixture of your choice. Total planned decompression is a maximum of 30min.



Trimix is used on a majority of the dives and this program takes into account equivalent narcotic depths as well as gas density as a factor. 


Single ‘Deco Stage’ for accelerated compression use. Maximum dive depth is 50m, and minimum oxygen content is set at 21%.

Although a very enjoyable course, the standards are set high!


• To be a minimum of 18 years old.

• To be a certified diver for at least 6 months prior to in water training.

• To be certified as a RAID Master Rescue Diver or equivalent certification from a recognized training agency.

• To submit Navigation, Night/Restricted Visibility proof of experience.

• To submit Enriched Air / Nitrox and Deep certificates (of which at least 5 hours are between 27– 40 m) and/or equivalent.

• To have a minimum of 50 logged underwater hours using open circuit.

• Submit a current Rescue Breathing/CPR Training and Oxygen Provider certificates. (DAN/equivalent).


– Approximately 6 days