XS Scuba Second Stage QD with Swivel

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XS Scuba



The XS Scuba 2nd Stage Quick Disconnect Swivel Joint adds two handy fittings to your second stage; a rotating swivel joint to reduce jaw fatigue and a quick disconnect.  The swivel lets your hose route more naturally which is better for longer dives and full face masks. 

The quick disconnect lets you remove the second stage to either interrupt a free flowing valve or lets you remove your full face mask from your regulator for storage and easier dekitting in the water.

  • Rotating swivel action at the end of a quick disconnect
  • Installs between low pressure regulator hose and second stage
  • Add a quick-disconnect to most any regulator or full face mask
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Click and lock to prevent accidental disconnection
  • Low pressure use only - below 13bar
  • Factory cleaned - Viton o-ring

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