Mares Abyss 22 Navy II Regulator

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The Mares Abyss 22 Navy II is one of Mares Regulators designed specifically for extreme weather conditions. There is no challenge this system cannot take on!

With extensive research, analysis and product development Mares has designed a product with guaranteed reliability and top performance in the harshest environments.

  • 1st Stage
  • Hi flow DFC port
  • Pre-oriented ports
  • INT connection
  • CWD oil kit
  • US Navy approved
  • 2nd Stage
  • VAD system

Mesh grid

Fluoropolymer resin finish Rubber hose Ideal for extreme cold water Mesh Grid Patented design which reduces the impact of water flow onto the second stage diaphragm, thus eliminating free flows even in strong currents.

All Metal Technology

Outstanding mechanical reliability and high thermal conductivity make our metal 2nd stages extremely long lasting and ideal for cold water dives. The high thermal conductivity of metal reduces also the dry mouth feeling during the dive.

VAD - Vortex Assisted Design

The air bypass tube delivers air to the mouthpiece creating a swirling vortex with a low pressure area in the center that keeps the diaphragm down during inhalation, for very sensitive and easy breathing at all depths.

DFC - Dynamic Flow Control

Minimizes intermediate pressure drop during inhalation thus maximizing gas delivery, especially under extreme conditions.

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