Halcyon Traveler Pro BCD






The Halcyon Traveler Pro Wing System builds upon the popularity of our dedicated single-tank Traveler system by adding the classic ruggedness of the popular Eclipse wings. Available in 40lbs or 30lbs lift capacity.

Halcyon Traveler Pro BC System The Traveler Pro with a unique nylon backplate, integrated single-tank adapter and Cinch™ quick-adjust system, provides a secure, lightweight and easily adjustable BC system weighing 3.6kg.  Ideal for Travel and Holidays.

The Halcyon Traveler BC System has been designed specifically for the traveling single tank diver, providing the appeal of lightweight jacket BCD's with the increased performance and comfort of a backplate and wing style system. The whole Traveler system - backplate, harness including comfort pads, wing and tank straps weighs in at just 3kg or 6 pounds, only 300g heavier than a Halcyon stainless steel backplate! The key to the Halcyon Traveler's low weight is the revolutionary backplate, made from PA6 Nylon includes a deep groove that acts as a single tank adapter and has cinch harness molded into the backplate.The integrated single tank adapter dramatically reduces overall weight and keeps the cylinder extremely close to the divers back.

The backplate also holds four weight pouches that can hold a total of 6kg of ditch-able ballast, transforming the nylon backplate into one heavy enough to provide adequate weight for most wet suited divers without the need for a heavy and uncomfortable weight belt. The integrated cinch harness allows the user to easy enter and exit the system as the straps can be infinitely adjusted with a simple pull in the right direction, it also provides the correct fit at all times even if worn with different suits or even different divers. The Halcyon Traveler BC also features an adjustable crotch strap for the perfect fit.

The Halcyon Traveler BC System is not modular like the rest of the Halcyon line and is therefore only for use with a single cylinder.

Halcyon have produced a full video manual which can be found here.

Halcyon Traveler BC System Overview:

  • Entire system weighs in at 3kg / 6pounds
  • Black, hard coat anodized aluminum d-rings for reduced weight
  • Unique backplate mounted weight pockets
  • Integrated Cinch quick-adjust system
  • Padded shoulder and back pads for excellent comfort even when not wearing a suit
  • 30lb / 14kg wing made from 1000-denier Cordura
  • For use with a single tank only

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