Halcyon BIG SMB - 1.4 & 1.8m Long





Halcyon SMB's or also known as DAM's (Divers Alert Marker) in Big (1.4m) and Super Big (1.8m) are the highest quality SMB's you can purchase.

  • Halcyon's series of Diver Alert Markers provide maximum visibility and redundant flotation at the surface.
  • Open water divers should always carry a marker buoy they can send up in the event of separation from buddy, primary group, or boat.
  • Halcyon Diver Alert Markers feature closed-circuit (one-way valve) construction Inflate at the surface to attract attention.
  • Inflate at depth to send up as a surface marker.
  • All markers are small enough when deflated to fit in a Halcyon thigh pocket or MC Storage Pak

Options Available:

  • 1.8m or 1.4m
  • Closed or Open
  • Orange, Yellow or Pink

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