OMS Safety Set (SMB & Spool) Grey






OMS have introduced Safety Kits; each kit contains an SMB, Spool and Double-Ender Clip. The Safety Pocket attaches to any 2" webbing as well as your BCD. A handy zip permits easy access but prevents your gear from falling out.

Stand out from the crowd with this grey bag and accessories to match - easily recognised by your diving buddies. 

There are 2 options in Grey:

  • 1m Hybrid SMB, spool 75 (23m) and safety pocket.
  • 1.8m Hybrid SMB, spool 75 (23m) and safety pocket


Safety Pocket 

The OMS Safety Pocket it's designed with strong and quick drain mesh material, and is the perfect size to carry a Surface Marker Buoy and a Spool. 

The Safety Pocket can also be used for carrying camera accessories, including wide angle lenses.  
To secure this pouch, use the 2" strap located on the back of the Safety Pocket to easily attach standard webbing.


The OMS Spool has a new and improved design which allows the diver to create drag and smoothly control the speed of the line by simply squeezing the center of the spool.

Each spool comes pre-packed with the nylon line (75ft/23m) and there is also a stainless steel double ender clip which store easily into pouches.


  • 1m Hybrid SMB, you can inflaty orally, direct feed or take air from your second stage. No-Lock LP Conector with OPV (3kg lift) and a closed open bottom.
  • 1.8m Hybrid SMB, you can inflate orally, direct feed or take air from your second stage. All designed with an open bottom with inflator (12kg lift)

Double Ended 

OMS BigGrip clips have an extended section on the gate that allows for easier use of the clip. Made from extremely sturdy and hardwearing materials; built to last.

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