ISC Deluxe Diver Tool and Repair Kit

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Innovative Scuba Concepts



The ISC Deluxe Diver Tool Kit should have everything you need for simple repairs and reconfigurations in the field. Sometimes a simple adjustment can save a dive if only you have the right tool. The combination of screwdrivers, spanners, Allen keys, pliers, spare O-Rings and other essentials mean that you can fix most simple problems yourself.


  • 2 specially developed scuba wrenches (wrenches have 4 sizes which fit most regulator 1st stage hose attachments),
  • high quality crescent wrench,
  • Phillips head and flat head screw drivers,
  • 8-piece hex wrench set,
  • needle nose pliers,
  • professional o-ring tool,
  • 8 tie wraps,
  • 1/4 oz jar silicone grease,
  • 10-piece o-ring kit.

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