Halcyon Evolve Twin System





The Halcyon Evolve's full-circular design allows for precise control of in-water buoyancy and trim. Available in 40lbs and 60lbs lift capacities with optional cinch.

Custom Color Options Available, Please Contact Us For Details!

The Halcyon Evolve wing system is simply superb

The Halcyon Evolve was a design first, created by the extreme cave divers from Florida that hold the majority of the world cave diving records, this wing was made to make twinset diving easier. The donut design makes dumping gas while in horizontal trim extremely very simple. The construction is superb and will last for years. The backplate can probably be driven over with a landrover and it'll still survive. If you're looking for THE wing for twinset or technical diving this is it, there is no better... all technical instructors worse there salt will agree. Cheaper copies are available but they are not so good.

What makes the Halcyon Evolve MC System so popular with divers pushing the limits is the attention to detail in all aspects of the design. The shape of the wing is designed to match the curve of the cylinders to provide stable even lift, encouraging horizontal trim at all times. The materials used in the Evolves construction are carefully chosen to provide the best combination of strength, integrity and resistance to a given environment. For example, the outer nylon shell is design to protect the inner bladder from cuts and abrasions. The inner bladder itself is resistant to punctures, the two layers working together to provide the best protection possible.

Key Features of the Evolve BC System

  •     Evolve Buoyancy Compensator (wing); available in either 40-, or 60-lb. (14-, 18-, or 27-kg) lift capacity
  •     Choice of Aluminium or Stainless Steel Backplate; in standard or small size
  •     Complete Secure Harness; infinitely adjustable and designed to fit you perfectly
  •     Halcyon Storage Pak for convenient stowage of lift devices
  •     All Evolve wings are CE-certified for sale in the European Community

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