Mares Gold Skin UnderSuit - 2mm Male/Female

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2 Piece Shorty


The Gold Skin is neoprene with an outer covering and open-cell interior with a gold skin coating.

Mares Gold Skin 2mm Undersuit

The Mares Gold Skin undersuit is an intuitive suit which gives you great protection as a first layer. Comprised of 2mm neoprene, the suit is flexible and durable while providing a great thermal comfort to keep you warm under your suit. The Gold Skin also has a gold skin outer covering and an open cell interior to provide outstanding breathability to keep you insulated when you need to be and cool when it needs to be. The Gold Skin undersuit offers a great option as a first layer under your dry or wetsuit.

*Please note that Mares Wetsuits come in Italian sizes 1-8. From Deep Blue customer feedback it is recommended that you purchase a size larger than usual.

Key Benefits

  • Comfortable The suit is comprised of 2mm neoprene which provides a flexible and comfortable fit to make sure that you’re always comfortable when wearing it.
  • Durable The 2mm neoprene is also very durable to make sure you can trust it to take on more than just the average wear and tear.
  • Gold Skin and Open Cell Interior Layer The Gold Skin inner layer paired with the open cell technology on the suit helps to add an extra durability and breathability suit to keep you warm or cold depending on the setting.
  • Coated Exterior The exterior of the suit has been coated to add extra durability and finish to the undersuit.


Who is the Mares Gold Skin 2mm Undersuit For?

The Mares Gold Skin Undersuit is a great option for divers looking for a great first layer for under their suit. The 2mm neoprene works to keep you warm and protected while the open cell interior helps the suit to breathe. If you’re looking for a great first layer that is intuitive and offers great protection then this is an outstanding option.

Who are Mares?

Since being founded in Italy in 1949, Mares has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of state-of-the-art diving equipment, and continually sets new industry standards. They continue to invest in innovation, research and expertise almost 70 years after they were founded and are an industry leader that can be trusted to be quality.

Mares Reef Sizechart
2S 176 / 5'9"92 / 36"71.5 / 28"91 / 36"± 3 / ±1"
3MS179 / 5'10"96.5 / 38"75.5 / 30"95 / 37"± 3 / ±1"
4LM182 / 6'100.5 / 40"80 / 32"99.5 / 39"± 3 / ±1"
5XLL185 / 6'1"105 / 41"84 / 33"103.5 / 41"± 3 / ±1"
6XXLXL188 / 6'2"109 / 43"88.5 / 35"108 / 43"± 3 / ±1"
73XL2XL191 / 6'3"113.5 / 45"92.5 / 36"112 / 44"± 3 / ±1"
84XL3XL194 / 6'4"117.5 / 46"97 / 38"116 / 46"± 3 / ±1"

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