Tusa DC Solar Link Dive Computer




The TUSA DC Solar Dive Computer is a tough solar powered dive computer meaning you never have to change a battery again. Tough and rugged rubber construction the Solar can be worn every day in the harshest of conditions and keep up with you. Bluetooth, 4 gas mixes, gauge and free dive mode mean this is the only dive computer most divers will ever need

Solar Powered

The screen of the computer is a solar panel that charges the computer by sunlight and indoor fluorescent light. The solar panel charging the internal battery means you never have to change the battery and compromise the seal or worry about missing a dive on holiday because of a flat battery.

Dive Modes

The IQ1204 has all the dive modes most divers should ever need from Free Dive, Gauge and Nitrox. If you prefer to hold your breath the IQ1204 has Freedive mode with frequent depth measurements and only displaying relevant information with the capacity to record up to 7000 logs.

Dive Mode is for the Scuba divers with up to 4 gas mixes from 21-100% O2. Buhlmann ZHL-16C algorithm is a trusted algorithm that has been used by many other computers keeping you safe on your dive.

Gauge Mode is for when you just need a depth gauge and timer disconnecting the algorithm if you're on a rebreather or just need a backup.



  • Solar Rechargeable
  • Dive log transferable to smartphone using Bluetooth® SMART technology (TUSA Diving LOG app required)
  • 4 Gas Mixes (21-100%), Gauge, and Free-Dive Mode
  • AA Buhlmann ZHL-16C Decompression algorithm for safe and simple ascents
  • Various time modes: Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, World Time
  • Full-Auto LED backlight


Solar Rechargeable
Rechargeable by sunlight or indoor fluorescent light. The solar rechargeable feature eliminates the need for battery replacements.

Bluetooth® SMART
Bluetooth® SMART technology enables smartphones or tablets with the Diving LOG app downloaded to receive dive log data from the IQ1204 DC Solar Dive Computer via Bluetooth®.

4 Gas Mix
This advanced feature allows the diver to preset four individual gas mixtures (Mix 1, Mix 2, Mix 3, Mix 4) from 21-100% for easy switching during the dive.

Altitude Smart Mode
The altitude smart mode allows the computer to automatically adjust for altitude diving.

Audible Alarm
TUSA's computers feature audible and visual alarms for the most important dive data warnings. Ascent rate, maximum depth, no decompression limits, safety stop and several other key data can be set to alert the diver.

Backlit Display
Several TUSA computer instruments feature a backlit display for night diving or low-light situations. The bright backlight is activated by a touch of a button and the duration can be set for up to 10 seconds in length enabling the diver to view critical dive data easily and quickly.

Free Dive Mode
The free dive mode calculates dive times and surface intervals for free diving.

Optional Deep Stop
An optional safety stop on No Deco dives exceeding a depth of 80 feet.

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